SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is the Value of SEO?        Is SEO Really Needed?

What is the Value of SEO?        Is SEO Really Needed?

Do you need SEO to have a functioning & beautiful website? No, of course not.

A visually pleasant and professional looking website is important to engaging a visitor to your website and communicating that “first impression”.

You can have the most beautiful or glitzy website design — Google and the other search engines for the most part do not care as they are “blind” (they can only essentially only read text).

Images quickly provide information some level of confirmation that they have landed where they might quickly find the information they are seeking.

But before they get to your website, you are the only person that knows how nice your website looks.

SEO is Essential for Your Website

SEO is essential for people finding your website through the search engines, preferably through organic search that the search engines attempt to best match-up with the user’s search queries.

Without SEO, searchers finding your website is like trying to have them hit your dartboard while blindfolded.

You have already gone through the effort to create a center of information for visitors to your website to learn about your products, services or topic of information.

If they do not know you even exist, they will not likely find the great information you have that may hold just the answer they were seeking. So without guidance from the information you make clearly available to the search engines the quantity of visitors to your website will be slim. If they don’t come, they can’t become customers.

So by now you probably know the answer to “Is SEO really needed?”  From our perspective, the answer is a solid YES!  If you can get your website in front of the very prospective customers you are targeting, then your website can provide the answers tor the questions the visitor are seeking. SEO helps you get this done!

What is the value of Website SEO? That question is easily answered by asking yourself:

►   How confident are you that if you can get people to your website that your website can close the deal

►   How much is that deal worth to you? (Consider not only that first transaction, but the value over the lifetime of the customer/client relationship.)

►   How much will it cost you if no one comes to your website?

Put the two together and the value is quite clear. By making strategic decisions to hone-in on your target market – understanding the string of words web users are using to search for you – and then tweaking your website pages to trigger the search engines to present your website on the first page when the user searches, then your chances to present your best case to your prospective customer increases exponentially.