Better Search Engine Results for Your Products & Services

Can Search Engines Find Your Products & Services for Your Prospective Customers?

Better Search Engine Results — As a business owner, it is in your best interest to have Internet Search Engines finding your business.  We all want this to be happening.

Do you really know if the Search Engines are finding your website and and you are getting better search engine results than your competitors? How can you tell?

You can tell if you are getting reasonably better search engine results pages (SERPs).  Consider the information that follows and conducting this simple two-step test you should be able to get a better idea of how well your present business website is working.

Two Main Types of Customer Prospects to Consider

There are two primary types of Internet searches that prospective customers make – Searching for your business by your name; and searching for providers of the products and services for which searchers are looking.

The Other Kind of New Customer Prospect

The other potential new customer doesn’t know you and doesn’t know which business has the knowledge, expertise or is the most convenient location to purchase the products or services they seek. They may not even know what product or service may be the best solution for the problem they are trying to solve.

Previously the best source of this information was the yellow-colored pages of the phone book — your product or service category was consulted, and if your company name began with the letter “a” you were the first listing or you paid a lot of money, your bigger display ad was positioned first.

prospective website visitor searching for solutions and answers

The Best Kind of New Customer Prospect

We all agree that your reputation is important and the best kind of new customer prospect is a referral. This type of new customer prospect may already know your name and may now approximately where your business is located.

Both the referred and prospective new customers, and current/previous customers are looking information.

They are looking for your phone number; your business address (if you are a “brick & mortar” business), confirm directions to your location; and your hours of  operation – in short, they are looking for information used to be sourced most commonly from the telephone book.

Prospective and existing customers may also be wanting to learn if you have a specific product, product brand, or service you provide.

better serps more wbesite traffic more website visitors more customers

Review Your Website with This Simple 2-Step Test

After reading the above background information, you are now ready to get a better feel if prospective customers can find your company, your information, and products and services on the Internet.

Using your browser and search engine of choice (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc), complete the following two steps:

Step 1: Use A Search Engine To Find Your Company By Name.

Use your preferred Internet Browser and use your company business name for the query.

    • Do the search results from your own Internet pages appear somewhere on the first page of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)?
    • Does your own content appear in the SERPs before directory service listings that include your company’s name?
    • Do the resulting Internet page links and directory listings exclusively show your company name or are your competitors listed with and/or before you in the results on on the connecting pages?
website seo test search company name

Remember – If you do get good SERP rankings for your own website pages, this type of search results are dependent on the prospective customer knowing your name.

Remember this is only helpful if searchers are already know your company name.

Step 2: Search for Your Products and Services

Now Search the Internet for the product and services your company provides.

Run multiple queries and do so thinking like a customer that may not know your technical jargon, search using 2-3 word queries using general/common names for your primary products and primary services — those that together provide 80% of your business revenues.

    • Do you see your company within the first 20 organic search results (after any initial paid ads), where pages exclusive to your company Internet content are displayed? If you do, that is good.
    • Within the first two pages and results, how are your search engine results related to those of your  competitors?
    • Are the SERPs primarily Yellow Book® or Yellow Pages®, other directory listing services or Angie’s List-type service reviews — many of these may include your company but also will feature your competition (in a listing where placement and ranking can be purchased).
website seo test search products and services

Are you Satisfied or Disappointed?

get better search engine results

Are your current efforts working very well for you? Would you like to achieve better search result positioning?

Do you have reporting and tracking methods to tell measure how much business is coming to you and what particular content and pages are performing well and which are performing poorly?

Or are you just holding your moistened finger in the air as a gauge how well things are working?

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