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We are so much
more than the typical website designer!

The focus of Search Savvy Design is
Search Engine Optimized Website Design.

We optimize existing and create new websites designed to generate better search engine results.This increases traffic to your website and more business for your company.

A website can be a piece of art, but doesn’t need to be!

A website should be professionally looking, visually appealing,
and easy for the visitor to navigate to the information they are seeking.

Whatever the website design, the design will not help people find your company for your specific products and services — unless the website has some moderate to high-level search engine optimization!

Our Experience

Search Savvy Design is not typical of most website design companies!

We have 30+ years of sales and marketing experience enabling us to
understand your business and to be on target to your particular needs.

How to Get More Visitors to Your Website.

Obviously your business will be easily found if internet searchers know your company’s name.  This is only an internet search operating as an electronic telephone book.

To be found above your competition in the search results, your website needs to be search engine optimized so that:

  • The search engine knows that your website page has information relative to the internet search
  • The Page Title and website Page Description (search excerpt) is effective in enticing the searcher to click on the search result shown in the search engine result pages (SERPs and land on one of your website pages.
  • And there is much more to search engine optimized website design.

Did you know the exact title and descriptive text shown as part of the search engine results “snippet”can be customized? Yes it can!

default search engine result snippet
search engine optimized result snippet

Carefully compare the text in the different different “snippet” images above. Note the difference in text between the default search engine result (1st image) and the search engine optimized keyword “snippet” (2nd Image).

Get Better Search Results

Search Savvy Design knows how to get better search results from your page descriptions.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimized Website Page Results

97% of new purchase intent for products and services start with a generic internet search. Prospective customers need to find your business website as part of their internet search results — and finding your web site by using your company name does not fit into this equation.

90% of internet search users do not look past the typical 15-20 results on the first page of search results.  After you take away the search generated pay-per click advertisements — only 10 organic search results are provided. And that is with some of the same companies also being those that paid to be a search result.


A search engine optimized website
by Search Savvy Design will
get you better search results.

Search Engine’s Preference
for Local Businesses

Google has made their search engine algorithm to intentionally provide search engine results that feature local business websites.

This means that a search for a certain type of business/service will provide search results for a locally established businesses. Those with a search optimized website design and content will rank over web pages for major brands or national chain stores.

Local business websites that also have a verified Google listing, such as on Google Maps will benefit even more. Establishing your presence on Google Maps with a link to your website will also drive better SERPs for your local business.

search engine optimized website designs

Get Better Search Results with a Search Engine Savvy Design

There are more than a dozen factors involved in getting better positioning for your website on internet search engine result pages (SERPs) —cohesively putting all of those factors together takes talent and successful experience.

search engine optimized website design factors

The essence and strength of Search Savvy Design is search engine optimization — it comes naturally for us. Search Savvy Design has years of experience generating significant and remarkable results for our clients.

Engaging Search Savvy Design will enable your company to achieve a professional web presence and soon become dynamically elevated above your competition.

Our experience with many varied business entities and markets enable us to efficiently understand your business to effectively deliver to you the best value.

Experienced the tremendous value of the professional and insightful services of Search Savvy Design.  Start a conversation with us today!

What We Do

Our mission is to provide you
with professional services that
better promote what you have and
increase your New Business Opportunities.

We do this by building business websites that are designed to be search savvy for internet search engines so your website can be found.  You want to be found for the specific information your website pages contain about your business and its location, products, and services.

target audience seo content

Target Audience

  • Collect data on product and services;
  • Define target audience, typical engagement stages and patterns;
  • Review and assess competitor websites;
  • Develop framework for website pages
search engine optimization website design

SEO Website Design

  • Define short-tail and long-tail keywords
  • Implement on-page and off-page SEO
  • Write SEO optimized page content
  • Craft SEO rich snippets for SERPs
  • Acquire and search engine optimize website images.
search engine optimization implementation

Implement and Analyze

  • Develop call-to-action elements
  • Create and implement website links
  • Detailed review of off-line development
  • “Launch” website
  • Implement search engine visibility
  • Setup website analytics

Our Working Together

While there may be some similarities, every customer engagement with us is unique.

We have started with clients at all levels.  We have had clients that had no ideas or concepts, no company “branding” to follow, and maybe not even a company logo.

Other clients have a some ideas and a general understanding or vision for what they would like to see. Others are skeptical or hesitant because they were disappointed with previous outcomes. No matter where you are now, or have been before, we will not be judgemental

We are here to help! Connect with us now.
You’ll be glad you did!

The first step is to connect either by phone, in person, or a remote video connection at a time of your convenience (including evenings) —which method makes no difference to us.

In this initial discussion, we will do some basic research and then schedule a follow-up discussion to validate our findings and thoughts. We will also gather some additional information.

After the above steps, we will get together to review a scope of work proposal and decide together how to move forward.  Let’s get started!

What Our Customers Have Said

There is no better feeling of satisfaction or accomplishment for us than to hear our clients tell us how much we have helped them. Read below what just a few of our many customers experienced.

Our hope is that you choose to contact us and so you experience the the same feelings and results from with Search Savvy Design. Let’s get a conversation started — Contact us today!

As we wrestled about a hiring a website designer for our very first website, you were the 4th company that we considered.

Compared to the others, Search Savvy Design demonstrated superior knowledge of the function of websites and search engine optimization.

The great results have confirmed we made the right choice.  


Owner, Automotive Service

We decided to reduce spend on Yellow Pages websites and decided to have our own.

The custom website Search Savvy Design created provided us with better visibility  to be found by potential new clients.

Our working together is one of the most rewarding, positive, professional service engagements I have ever experienced.

Thomas N.

Owner, Medical Services Provider

The SEO optimized website created by Search Savvy Design continues to generate new sales growth for our company.

This is one of the best investments I have ever made in our company.

The ability for us to keep our website fresh with news and client success stories keeps us on the front page of search engine results.

Susan F.

Owner, Hearing Aid Provider

As a small business, in a very competitive residential service business, I needed visibility to stand-out from my competition.

Search Savvy Design created a website providing the high visibility we needed and quickly positioned us above competitors. 

The amount of online inquiries for our services continues to be great.

Craig D

Owner, Landscaping Service